Moving to a New Workplace: Is Your Office Ready for Emergencies?

Is your new workplace a safe space to work in? Pixabay Image


So you’re moving to a new office, new environment, new arrangements, new neighborhood. Exciting times! But wait. Is everything really all set with your new office?

Aside from the workstations’ arrangement, don’t you think you’re forgetting something? Is your new workplace a safe space to work in?

Other than the success of your business operation and revenue, the safety measures implemented in your work area need to be factored in, as well. A safe work area can ensure continuity of business operations and efficient employer-employee relations.

The Work Health and Safety laws (WHS) provides for a definite guideline that encompasses the pertinent role of the employer and employees in ensuring their own safety, as well as the safety of the visitors.

First Aid Compliance in the Workplace

Your workplace first aid requirement basically revolves around these three: first aid box, first aid facility, and the first aider/s. It is important to understand every aspect of first aid compliance to avoid severe penalties and sanctions for non-adherence.
To check if your office is safe for you and your employees and if it’s ready for emergencies, take note of the following factors:

Is the place free of threats and hazards?

A workplace is categorised as either low-risk (shops, offices, libraries), medium-risk (light engineering workplaces, food processing plants, warehouses), or high-risk (chemical manufacturing business, construction sites, work with hazardous machinery and equipment).

Other things to take into consideration include its proximity to other infrastructure, the floor area, the participation of the general public (if applicable), as well as the history of the work area accidents and disasters

Do you have enough First Aiders?

The number of required first aiders is dependent on the number of worker and the building structure. Every first aider is considered a point person for any emergency or disaster. Each point person must be appropriately trained and certified.

Is your First Aid Kit ready and complete?

The law provides for a stringent compliance of first aid kits. Each properly labelled kit must be displayed in a conspicuous area containing items relevant to the workplace industry. It must be well accounted and maintained to ensure the quality of its contents.

Is there professional help available?
A third party assessor can play a vital role in ensuring that your business operations run smoothly. Specialised help can increase productivity and help you save thousands in penalties. There is an available booklet that you can download for free but when in doubt, always seek for professional help.


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