Design enriches Myer’s ‘store of the future’



Woods Bagot elevates the customer experience at the re-launched Myer Warringah.

With interior design and architectural concept by Woods Bagot, Myer Warringah has re-opened, delivering a sensory shopping experience aligned to the needs and expectations of the customer.

Facilitating a curated experience that is visual and tactile, the design balances the retail demands of one of Australia’s leading department stores with the casual lifestyle of Sydney’s northern beaches. Focused on elevating the customer experience, the design supports Myer’s new strategies by offering a quality, customer-first approach to the layout and design.

Woods Bagot Global Retail Sector Leader Frank Alvarez said the design reimagines the excitement of the department store experience in days past, where service and socialising was paramount.

“Bringing back the immersive shopping experience of the great department stores, the project presented an opportunity to create a strong design narrative for Myer’s ‘store of the future’,” said Alvarez. “We spent many months collaborating with Myer on issues such as relevance, customer character and brand equity – placing customers at the heart of all decision making.”

“Architecturally we crafted a series of components and rooms that define departments which create opportunities for stand-alone brands to stage their experiences, all while enabling an efficient overlay of the Myer brand and services.”

Introducing customers to the new retail environment and creating a sense of anticipation, the first opportunity the customer has to encounter Myer Warringah is via the façade. Fronting the mall, a new double-height fritted glass entrance creates a threshold usually experienced on a high street – now within a shopping centre context.

Moving through the spaces, the design provides a sequence of moments to surprise and delight whereby consumers are presented an out-of-the-box shopping experience tailored to their needs. Tangible in nature, Myer Warringah offers a streamlined and discoverable guest experience.

The finishes comprise a variety of materials selected to convey quality and an aspirational ambience for customers. Used to define space, materials such as engineered stone, glass, fabric and metals have been applied, reflecting the various customer demographic and providing each department a sense of identity. Raised ceiling heights and dramatic visual merchandising create a theatrical experience – encouraging customers to explore and wander.

Myer Warringah is the first major refurbishment of the new Myer strategy and is part of a greater than $600 million investment over five years across the business to deliver a sharper and more focused offering to customers.

“We have reinvigorated the range and brands, significantly enhanced the customer service, and brought in new innovation to create a world-class experience that sets a new benchmark in contemporary retailing,” said Myer CEO & Managing Director, Richard Umbers.

“This is a store tailored to our customers and designed to reflect a relaxed and stylish northern beaches lifestyle. We have taken full advantage of the refurbishment opportunity to completely redesign the store.”

The store will officially open at 9.30am on Thursday 17th November.


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