The Generator Room


Demonstrating their creative approach and ability to find unusual premises, Kernel have transformed an unused diesel generator room into their new cutting edge / flexible workplace in the heart of the prestigious 1 O’Connell Street commercial tower.

Building owners Lend Lease and Harina were approached by Kernel with a proposal to convert this ‘lost space’ into a fully functioning workplace, which had previously remained empty and unused since the building’s opening in 1991.

Despite the need to rezone and transfer heritage floor space, the team has since created a sustainable workplace for its employees, appropriately dubbed The Generator Room.


Kernel prides itself on sourcing the ideal premises that their clients would wish for – which are often creative and unusual concepts that require outside-the-box thinking and approaches. As trusted advisors, problem solvers and creative thinkers, Kernel had a vision to create an inspiring new workspace that reflected the company’s core values, skills and expertise. Kernel has retained the site’s original features as a raw, industrial space. Their approach has also successfully introduced materials that would otherwise have gone to landfill.

The Generator Room differentiates Kernel from their competitors by highlighting their approach, while illustrating how reusable and recyclable products can be successfully incorporated into office fitouts.


The Generator Room comprises almost all recycled products and furniture. The space is entirely adaptable with a range of flexible environments that transform into work, seminar or function space. Staff can work from the breakfast bar, fixed low or high desk tops or on the outdoor terrace.

The space represents a microcosm of what a large flexible workplace could be and demonstrates the opportunity to reuse materials that would normally be discarded by tenants in new office fitouts.



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