JAGONAL continues to innovate

New Site Launch 1

At JAGONAL we’re all about innovation and responding to the needs of the market – whether it’s creating industry firsts like digital stack plans, adding office features to the 50+ we already have or bringing sensible pricing to the industry.  In response to recent user testing with tenants we’re making some immediate changes.


Our approach till now


We spent the first 12 months using our homepage to showcase JAGONAL technology like 3D capability and a smarter search to advanced users and early adopters in the industry


Now it’s about traffic and leads:


Our focus from now onward is about tailoring the site to the everyday person searching for an office to lease or buy while extending into the fringe office markets beyond the CBD. We’ve listened to tenants who are currently searching for offices and rebuilt parts of the homepage.


We’ve created a simplified homepage that gets tenants ready to submit a lead in a few easy steps


Here are some of the changes you’ll probably notice straightaway:


1  ) The search tool is now more intuitive than ever which means tenants can be ready to submit a lead sooner.

  •   Step 1) begin by entering a price range
  •   Step 2) enter the number of people you plan on having in your new office
  •   Step 3) add any of the 50 features you want in your office (child care, showers, parking etc…)

2  ) The 3D search is now accessible via a link from the home page because it is an advanced tool for advanced users – not everybody understands its power on the first visit.

3  ) We’ve added new messaging to highlight what it is that makes JAGONAL unique

4  ) There are new Google-friendly SEO features on the site to get your listings more exposure in Google

5  ) A branding face-lift has been applied across the site to align with the new home page


With these changes, JAGONAL continues its lead as the most advanced dedicated office search engine ever built for Australia.  To support this home page makeover we will be ramping up marketing so act now – get your listing data updated so that your properties lease faster with JAGONAL.


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